Kaplan prepares for life after softball

Institute, WV - West Virginia State outfielder Sydney Kaplan closed out her career at WVSU with an outstanding final season. She led the team in batting average, home runs and RBIs in 2016.

"Honestly it's been momentous. Discipline wise it's taught me a whole bunch. Teach ability, accountability, discipline but it's really made me impactful in everything and it's help my character a lot." Kaplan said.

Kaplan played at Cabell Midland during her high school days. She carried what she learned from her days in Ona over to Institute.

"Honestly my high school it's bred me really well. I went to a big high school. I had really good coaches there and it's kind of transferred here." Kaplan Said.

Kaplan is an aspiring lawyer and took on a big workload in addition to being a student athlete.

"Lots of sleep deprivation, lots of long hours because I work full time too. I sleep maybe 3 hours a night and I'm here twice a day, so it's just time management that's the key." Kaplan Said.

Kaplan is now on deck for something else. She will be going to law school and believes that playing softball has helped prepare her for it.

"It's actually a huge resume booster that's one of the first things they looked at on my application because it is discipline, it's time management. So a lot of hard work which is what law school is going to be like." Kaplan said.

Kaplan will always be appreciative of her WVSU teammates.

"We'll definitely stay in contact. We were actually just talking about having 15 year reunions because we are really close. I'll definitely will stay in touch." Kaplan said.

She will begin law school this coming June.

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