Countdown to Kickoff (GW): Patriots hoping a new playoff streak has started

George Washington is hoping last year's playoff appearance will be the start of a new postseason streak.

George Washington saw its streak of seven straight trips to the playoffs snapped in 2014.

But the Patriots made a return last year. And they are looking for more in 2016

"Every year is a different challenge for us. I think they've worked. I think they are excited about getting started and so am I," said head coach Steve Edwards, Jr. "And I hope they are because our schedule is very unforgiving."

"We came back, made the playoffs. Had one playoff game, better than none but it's good to get back in the playoffs," said lineman Will Ugland.

The Patriots have a young team. But there's plenty of talent starting with sophomore quarterback Grant Wells.

He's already been offered a scholarship by Marshall. And you can bet there will be more on the way.

Wells split playing time last year as a freshman with senior Kaleb Mackey.

Now, it's his team. And he's up for the challenge.

"I'm extremely extited. It's going to be fun having it all on me," said Wells. "I don't have to switch drives. I can go the whole game, It's going to be fun, different but fun."

GW is bigger than they have been up front. And experienced, too.

The big guys know the success their team has this year will depend largely upon their performance.

Ugland said, "We have five returning players with experience. We will be the core of the team. We have a good quarterback but he's not old. Only a sophomore. We may not have experience there but we will on the line."

GW opens up its season at home against South Charleston.

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