Friday the 13th: What's your superstition?

PVDonuts in Providence offered a special treat on Friday the 13th, “a filled strawberry doughnut (with) a chocolate knife sticking out of it, and little spurts of blood on top,” according to Kate Davis. (WJAR)

Was this Friday the 13th a good luck or a bad luck day for you? Does it really mean anything? Or does it even matter?!

Let’s search behind every nook and cranny to find out.

The fear of "13" is real enough to have a name: triskaidekaphobia. You don’t believe me? Try to find a tall building that has a 13th floor!

At the Biltmore in Providence, Renee Lebeau is a sales assistant. She explained it’s not hotel management that gets queasy about the number.

“Guests may feel a little uncomfortable being on the 13th floor, so for that reason, we don't have one,” said Lebeau.

And we couldn't even find a room number in the building with a 13 in it!

Its origins can be "biblical,” as there were 13 people in all at the Last Supper.

Or it’s "bewitching.”

There are 13 in a witches’ coven. In gallows humor, legend has it that there were 13 steps to some of the gallows where the accused met their deaths by hanging. Twelve steps up, one step down, is how a park ranger at Fort Smith is reported to have explained the detail.

Businesses lose $1 billion every Friday the 13th, as many shy away from signing contracts on the day.

Luke Francis of Providence agrees the only way for those who get caught up in superstitions should try to push through them, to break the hold they may have on a subject.

“You got it, yeah,” laughed Francis.

Natalie Austin from the East Side of Providence, who was walking through downtown wearing a colorful hat and clothes in the cool October sun, agreed superstitions only work if you believe in them.

“And I have no basis to believe in it,” said Austin.

But some say the extra caution taken by the superstitious makes you more susceptible to having something go wrong.

Then you discover Apollo 13 didn't go well. Dan Marino, who sported the number 13, and was one of the best quarterbacks of all time, never won a Super Bowl.

But there’s some comfort food to ease your distress this Friday the 13th. PVDonuts in Fox Point offered a special treat for the day, “a filled strawberry doughnut (with) a chocolate knife sticking out of it, and little spurts of blood on top,” according to Kate Davis, who was covered in confectioner’s sugar and flour from a hard-day’s work.

How about a “less gory” baker's dozen? Because, let's be honest -- if you're already getting a dozen pumpkin cannoli’s from there, why not enjoy a 13th one? Nothing really to worry about.

Dee Abram, becoming a transplant from New York City to Providence, quotes a line from his favorite TV show, “The Office,” which he saw the other night.

“You know, you don't have to be superstitious, you can just be a little ‘stitious,’” he said.

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