Panera employees break window of hot car to save two dogs, owner cited

    Beaverton Police in Oregon confirmed two employees of Panera Bread broke the window of a hot car Wednesday afternoon to save two Yorkshire Terriers.

    Mike Rowe with Beaverton Police confirmed the two employees saw two distressed dogs by themselves in a parked van for at least an hour, and tried to find the owner. All of the windows of the car were rolled up, and temperatures hovered around 90 degrees.

    After failing to find the owner, they broke the window of the car and took out the two dogs, then helped them cool off inside.

    Beaerton Police officers cited the dogs' owner, 21-year-old Barth Cossett, for animal neglect. Cossett told police he was opening a bank account at the time, and the dogs are his and his partner's support animals.

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