Woman killed and man injured in Marcum Terrace shooting

Police raided a nearby apartment at Marcum Terrace shortly after the shooting, but didn't find a potential suspect. (WCHS/WVAH)

One woman was killed and a man taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds Wednesday afternoon after a brazen mid-day shooting at Marcum Terrace in Huntington.

Anne Luna knew both victims and said the woman had lived in Marcum Terrace for 20 years helping neighbors and the man was a young maintenance worker.

“I saw people running from the shots,” Luna said, “she was outside with her kids. She didn’t deserve that. He was doing his job. He didn’t deserve that.”

Police Chief Hank Dial said the shooting happened after a daylong argument boiled over.

“It appears the initial argument started yesterday,” Dial said.

Dial said the maintenance worker was not involved in the argument. He may have been caught in the crossfire.

An hour and a half after the shooting, Huntington Police raided a nearby apartment with guns drawn.

Dial said they were looking for a potential suspect.

“We do have some information, but we’re not sharing it at this time,” he said.

Luna said violence and crime are common at Marcum Terrace.

“There were shots last night, and nothing happens,” she said, “by the time it gets done this is what you see.”

She said she wants a more intense police presence to diffuse violent situations before they get out of hand and someone else dies.

“Being a mother, you’re worried about that every single day,” she said, “if a bullet is going to come in your window, in your children, or your house.”

Huntington Police have not released the names of the victims.

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