Want to cash that water crisis check? Prepare to wait in line

People wait in line Tuesday to cash their West Virginia water crisis checks at Fifth Third bank in downtown Charleston. (WCHS/WVAH)

The check is in the mail, in your mailbox or even in your hand, but getting the cold hard cash from the 2014 water crisis is a problem for some people.

Outside the Fifth Third bank building in downtown Charleston Tuesday, some waited in line for hours to cash those checks.

Water crisis victims without a checking account can cash their water crisis settlement checks for free at any Fifth Third bank with proper identification. The line here was so long when the bank opened Tuesday morning, it's taken some people two hours to cash the checks.

It's more of a crawl than a run on the bank .While you have 90 days to deposit or cash the checks, the line stretched well out the door when the downtown bank opened this morning. While the number of claims has slashed the expected amounts of the checks by 12 percent, it still means hundreds of dollars of the typical household that got water in the nine-county area contaminated by the spill.

Fifth Third will not charge you to cash the check, but the bank needs a driver's license, a state identification card or a passport before they will hand over the cash.

Eyewitness News has been receiving complaints that people have had issues cashing checks at other banks. For kids who don't have a bank account, their parent or guardian can cash their check at any local Fifth Third banking center with a birth certificate or the acceptable forms of identification for adults.

There have been several reports of stolen checks.

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