Trial of man accused in rape, murder of infant marks second day

    Benjamin Taylor, right, appears in court in Jackson County. Taylor is on trial in the death of an infant that occurred in October 2016. (WCHS/WVAH)

    Thursday marked the second day of the trial for a man accused in Jackson County in the rape and murder of an infant.

    Benjamin Taylor is accused of raping and murdering 10-month-old Emmaleigh Barringer in October 2016.

    Testimony Thursday morning provided a clearer idea of what police and Jackson County deputies experienced when they responded to the apartment that morning in October 2016 and when they first encountered Taylor.

    Body camera footage was played for jurors that showed Taylor inside the apartment, lifting up his shirt to show deputies his stomach and he can be heard saying that he must have gotten blood on his torso when he picked up Emmaleigh.

    A deputy who was the first officer who arrived at the scene described the basement and the pile of blankets on the floor, which he said blood was splattered throughout.

    An audio recording also was played in which Deputy Lucas Casto interviews Taylor after he was detained. Taylor said he didn’t even know the baby was bleeding until someone said something.

    Casto also explained his interactions with Amanda Adkins, the infant’s mother, calling her hysterical. He said he saw blood on Adkins’ thigh that appeared to be coming from the baby.

    Taylor’s attorney, Tom Rosinsky pressed Deputy Casto on the timeline of his encounters with Taylor that morning. The attorney asked him if the lead detective canvased the neighborhood and interviewed others before placing Taylor under arrest just a few hours after arriving at the scene, and Casto said he didn’t know.

    More testimony was scheduled Thursday as the trial continues.Eyewitness News will have full details tonight at 5 and 6.

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