Spring Valley High School turns Huntington Greek Fest into learning experience

The 2017 annual Greek Festival kicked off Friday morning on 11th Avenue and 7th Street. (WCHS/WVAH)

As the 2017 Huntington Greek Festival kicked off Friday Spring Valley High School students put their knowledge to the test. The students had been learning about Greek culture and history. Their final assignment was a field trip to Greek Fest to learn from the members of the Greek community in Huntington.

English Teacher Holly Litteral said the students were surprised to find an abundance of Greek culture in their own neighborhood.

"It is great for the kids to understand that other cultures exist," Litteral said. "It gives them an opportunity to experience the food and culture they have been learning about at this festival. I want them to try something new today."

Senior student Cameron Ferguson said the ending trip tied all of the work they have been doing together.

"We learn about different cultures in school, but we don't get to experience them," Ferguson said. "Today we are getting to see how their food is made. We're getting to try these different things. It's really neat."

This was Senior Allie Murray's first visit to Greek Fest. She said she did not expect the turn out she saw Friday morning.

"We got here and the line was already getting long," Murray said. "We we straight to get in line for the pastries. We may not know what another culture has to offer. It's great to experience it after learning about it."

Every year the Greek community opens up their church for tours and provides an authentic taste of food and culture.

"Once a year everyone gets to come out and experience that big fat Greek life," Lambos Svingos said. "It is so much fun to share this with everyone."

Greek Fest activities are open to the public and will continue until Sunday afternoon.

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