Speedway tests blue lights in bathrooms

The Madison Avenue Speedway in Huntington switches its normally white lights to blue inside of the bathrooms preventing IV drug users from seeing their veins. (WCHS/WVAH)

Customers may be a little shocked walking into the Speedway bathroom on Madison Avenue in Huntington.

Spreading the word about why has been a Facebook post from Friday showing an eerie blue light cast from the ceiling making the whole bathroom look other worldly.

Making the story stranger, the photos were taken by a man who drives a hearse covered bumper to bumper in an anti-drug paint job.

"I knew exactly why they were there,” Dwayne Woods said. “It makes it harder for them to hit veins."

The blue light hides blue veins under the skin making IV drug use much more difficult in the public bathrooms, he said.

Woods knew because his organization, Heroin Hearse, has traveled the Tri-State helping addicts.

"I think every public restroom in Huntington should have this. That's my personal opinion. It's a deterrent," he said.

With more than 350 shares on the post, many have rebuked the idea of putting blue lights in the bathroom.

Some said people desperate enough to shoot up in a public bathroom will likely find a way, no matter what color the room is.

"Some can do it in the dark. Obviously they can, but I think, and this is just my opinion, that Speedway has done this for the safety of their employees and the general public as well," Woods said.

Speedway's parent company Marathon Petroleum said in a statement it's “testing blue lighting in some of our restrooms as part of our commitment to providing a safe environment for our customers and employees.”

It may not stop the drug epidemic, but it may move users somewhere else.

Woods said his hope for the future is "this epidemic would just disappear. Life, would come back to our town."

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