No 'Trump Effect’? Manchin beats Morrisey in Trump Country

    Senator Joe Manchin kept his seat in the U.S. Senate, defeating challenger Patrick Morrisey.

    The 2018 Midterm Elections have come to a close with a blue wave washing over part of Congress. Democrats took back the House of Representatives, and Republicans held onto the Senate. Although Republicans expanded their senate majority, those gains did not include Patrick Morrisey, as Democratic Senator Joe Manchin kept his seat.

    "What West Virginia said loud and clear: 'Mr. President, we want our senator, not your senator,'" Manchin said.

    It was a bold response to a bold Trump campaign. The president rallied heavily for Morrisey and told voters to vote as if his [Trump's] name was on the ballot.

    "The president came in multiple times against me, he sent his family in, he sent the vice president in," Manchin said.

    "Thirty rallies in the last 60 days - and we saw the candidates that I supported achieve tremendous success last night," Trump said in a nationwide address Wednesday.

    There were victories for 9 out of 11 candidates whom Trump supported, but Morrisey was not one of them.

    "There were some victories last night that were very surprising, but I'm not going to pick out .... It's tough enough for those people to have a loss," Trump said.

    Others weren't as stunned.

    "I felt like it was close, but I thought, all the time, that Joe was going to win. And I told the president that over and over," said Governor Jim Justice.

    "No one has ever won when the president from another party won a race as big as they won the state," Manchin said.

    Despite Morrisey's loss, Trump said history was made nationwide.

    "In the last 80 years, a sitting president's party has only gained a cumulative total of eight Senate seats, averaging one per decade, so if we picked up 2, 3, or 4 - that's a big percentage of that number," Trump said.

    But moving forward: a call for unity from both sides.

    "Now is the time for both parties to join together and put partisanship aside," Trump said.

    "We have got to stop the toxic rhetoric. We've got to bring people together. Mr. President, I want you to be president of the united states, not the divided states," Manchin said.

    Manchin beat Morrisey by three percentage points and nearly 20,000 votes.

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