Monday marks five-year anniversary of Sissonville pipeline explosion

Monday, Dec. 11, marks the five-year anniversary of the Sissonville pipeline explosion. (WCHS/WVAH File Photo)

Monday marks the five-year anniversary of the gas line explosion in Sissonville that melted part of Interstate 77 and destroyed several homes.

Miraculously, no was killed in incident on Dec. 11, 2012.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the gas line had not been inspected in nearly 20 years. When it exploded, several homes were destroyed and part of I-77 melted.

One of the residences that was destroyed was Sue Bonham's home. During last year’s anniversary in an interview with Eyewitness News, she recalled that horrible day when the pipeline exploded.

“The earth started rolling underneath me, underneath the house,” Bonham said. “It was in waves, then things started falling off the walls."

No one was injured because of four volunteer firefighters who showed up not knowing what had happened.

"We weren't exactly sure what we were dealing with, just knew we had a lot of fire, a lot of chaos," Sissonville volunteer firefighter Drew Foutty told Eyewitness News.

Fighting against widespread fire, Foutty and the three others spotted Bonham trapped behind her home and did everything they could to save her life.

Bonham said the firefighters were “not only my heroes, they're my angels. I believe God put those four angels in that certain spot for me that day to help me survive.”

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