Kermit firefighters deliver baby at remote residence

Members of the Kermit Volunteer Fire Department delivered a baby Sunday at a remote residence on Jennie's Creek near the Mingo-Wayne county line. (Kermit Volunteer Fire Department)

In the 15 years Cain Maynard has been a member of the Kermit Volunteer Fire Department, he had never witnessed the miracle of life while responding.

That changed Sunday when Maynard, a firefighter and EMT lieutenant, responded to a remote area on Jennie's Creek near the Mingo-Wayne county line. An ambulance could not reach the residence, located on Billy's Branch Road.

The Kermit Volunteer Fire Department and EMTs were sent out by 911 to the remote area.

"Upon arrival, we found Ashley Copley in active labor with baby crowning," Mara Maynard, a volunteer firefighter, told the Williamson Daily News.

Cain Maynard went into action and delivered a healthy baby girl in the living room of the home. She came into the world at 11:12 a.m. Sunday, weighing 5 pounds and 7 ounces. The mother named her baby Iris Copley.

Cain was assisted with the delivery by Mara Maynard, Lt. Kenneth Hunt, Capt. Wayne Williamson, Chief Hawky Preece and Trevor and Tyler Kirk.

After giving birth, the Kermit Volunteer Fire Department met the Dunlow EMS and the mother and newborn were transported to Tug Valley Appalachian Regional Hospital in South Williamson, Ky.

"Both are doing great with no complications. For the members of the KVFD, this is one of the best calls, because most calls we respond to is helping people out of bad situations in their life," Mara Maynard said. "But in this case, it was one of the happiest for all of those involved."

The Maynards visited the mother and new baby girl on Sunday to check on them.

This is one emergency call they will not forget.

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