Huntington Mayor Steve Williams delivers State of the City Address

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams delivered his State of the City Address to members of city council and the public Wednesday afternoon.

In his speech, William's said the citizen's must receive a government they can afford. Williams said the city needs to create new revenue streams do everything they can to avoid raising fees.

The proposed budget for next fiscal year would allow a fall and spring street paving project.

The fire department's budget for the next fiscal is over $1 million more than what was approved last fiscal year. William's said the fire department had a 25% increase in responses and a 57% percent increase in medical calls attributed to the overdose epidemic. The fire department will be staffed at 88 fire fighters.

William's said the police department's budget is over $900,000 more than last fiscal year. Williams said there was nearly one call for every resident last year. Williams said they are reevaluating the charges the police and public works have for public events. Williams said the cost to staff events fall well below how surrounding areas charge for police presence.

Williams said murders, drug overdoses, overdose deaths are up this year in the city.

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