Heavy rains force a Pocatalico Restaurant to close Friday

Multiple rooms in the Topspot Country Cooking Restaurant flooded Thursday. (WCHS/WVAH)

People in that Sissonville area cleaned up Friday after Thursday's heavy rains left a mess.

The Topspot Country Cookin' restaurant parking lot is usually packed, but because of flooding issues brought on by Thursday's heavy rain, the business had to close its doors on Friday.

"It was coming down so hard and so fast it started flooding every room in here," Topspot Country Cookin' Owner Janet Edens said.

The muddy water rose several inches covering Topspot's blue and white tile in its stock area. Edens said they stopped serving customers when the water started rising and spent hours fighting to get the water out.

"One of my waitresses and I was in that door, we stood with these doors open for six hours just sweeping water continuously that was running out of this room," Edens said.

Bucket after bucket Edens and her staff sterilized the whole building with the plan to reopen Saturday.

"It's harmful to the business but it could have been a lot worse, there could have been people that drowned and I am just thankful for that, I can survive, it's just a detour," Edens said.

Across the road, people at the Pocatalico Community Church were mopping up the church's Sunday school rooms after several inches of water got into the basement.

Even by Friday afternoon, water still covered Sissonville Drive near the Pocatalico River. Despite the road being closed, people still drove through it. One man got out to check how deep the water was, then rode on the hood while someone else drove through it.

The Allen Fork area of Sissionville was also hit hard with the creek coming out of its bank, flooding much of a nearby field. By the afternoon the water receded.

The Haines Branch Road exit off of I-77 was closed most of the day because of that high water. As of Friday night, the exit was open but portions of Haines Branch Road remain closed.

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