Gino's employees shocked by armed robbery in the restaurant and nearby businesses

In Putnam County, deputies are searching for a man who robbed a Gino's just before 8:00 o'clock Sunday night. (WCHS/WVAH)

In Putnam County, deputies are searching for a man who robbed a Gino's just before 8:00 o'clock Sunday night.

One employee was out on deliveries, the other in the back washing dishes, and manager Holly Garrison was filling a customer's drink with her back to the door.

"I turned around, and he had a mask on. He had a black ski mask on covering his whole face," Garrison said.

Security footage showed how quickly it all happened.

"He said 'I'm serious give me all your money, I have a gun' and he showed us the gun," Garrison said.

She said the man he demanded the money from the register, told her to put it in the straw bucket and ran out.

"I just dropped to the floor and called 911, and the police got here very quickly. I was really happy that they got here so quickly," Garrison said.

This is the third armed robbery in the same shopping area in the past few weeks first at Kelly's Hot Spot on Teays Valley Road, and again in late November at the kelly's hot spot on Great Teays Boulevard just next door to the Gino's.

"It's just really a sad situation when you have people out there doing stuff like this to the people like us who are innocent and working really hard to make a living," Area Supervisor, Cindy Moore said.

Supervisor Cindy Moore said this was a terrifying first for the store, but she's proud of how the manager handled it.

"She really did good, she did," Moore said.

"I'm a single mom myself, I have four kids, I don't think that when someone's desperate and they're trying to solve their issues that they realize that the people that they are robbing might also be desperate single parents that are trying to make it through the day... So my heart goes out to people that in that desperate situation, but you know still doing a violent crime like that to someone on the other side of that gone the wrong way that my four kids would be without a mom so that's kind of scary," Garrison said.

The man was last seen wearing a West Virginia hooded sweatshirt with a black or blue mask covering his face.

If you know anything about the Gino's robbery or either of the two Kelly's Hot Spot robberies, call the Putnam County sheriff's office.

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