George H.W. Bush visited West Virginia over the years

George H.W. Bush, who was then serving as vice president, visits a coal research facility in Morgantown in 1988. (Courtesy: WV Archives)

While thousands of Americans turned out Tuesday on Capitol Hill to pay their final respects to President George H.W. Bush, the 41st president also touched the hearts of thousands of West Virginians.

While he did not make a public appearance in West Virginia when he was president, he did stop in the Mountain State twice as vice president and a few more times after his presidency.

In September 1982, then Vice President Bush and his wife, Barbara, were in Charleston campaigning for Republican Congressman Mick Staton. Staton was the 3rd Congressional District incumbent back then who lost to Democrat Bob Wise.

The vice president returned to West Virginia in 1988 to tour West Virginia University's coal research facility in Morgantown. He was there to learn alternative methods for coal and other energy production and hoping to earn additional support for his administration.

After his presidency, he visited the state again before the 2000 election with his son, George W. Bush, in a tight race with Vice President Al Gore.

In October2003, an Instagram photo showed George H.W. Bush and his wife at the Greenbrier Resort.

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