Fugitive lawyer sentenced in Social Security fraud case, spotted in New Mexico

Federal authorities say Eric C. Conn was spotted in New Mexico near the border at a Walmart and gas station. (FBI)

The FBI announced that a fugitive lawyer who was convicted in a Social Security fraud case and sentenced Friday in absentia was spotted in New Mexico last month.

Eric C. Conn was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison, must pay nearly $170 million in restitution, forfeit $5.7 million and pay a $50,000 fine, according to a news release from the FBI.

Conn fled prosecution in June for defrauding Social Security for more than a half billion dollars. The FBI has been working to locate Conn since.

During a news conference Friday, the FBI said it traced Conn to New Mexico, where he was spotted on surveillance video at a gas station and Walmart. Federal authorities believe Conn had help from a co-conspirator who gave him supplies and a truck. The truck was found abandoned near the New Mexico border. The FBI believe there is no indication that Conn crossed the border into Mexico.

Authorities said they are pursuing law enforcement action against anyone who helps Conn in his escape.

There is a $20,000 reward for any information that leads to his arrest. Anyone with information can call the FBI at 502-263-6000.

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