Father of nearly abducted child says incident was shocking

Kanawha County deputies say an 11-year old boy reported an attempted abduction on Circle Drive in Cross Lanes. (WCHS/WVAH)

The alleged abduction of an 11-year-old boy happened on Circle Drive in daylight just after 4 p.m. Tuesday in Cross Lanes.

Eyewitness News had a chance to speak with the father of the boy off camera. Briton Goebel said his son is still shaken up by this incident and that he usually watches his son walk home from the school bus. It is just a short walk from the bus stop to where their home is down the street. The family reported the incident to the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office right away and said the incident happened in a matter of minutes.

"He saw a pickup truck coming toward him," Sgt. Brian Humphreys, spokesman for the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office, said. "As the truck started to pass, the passenger opened the door, grabbed his arm and said, 'Get in.' "

Goebel said his son was able to hit the man in the face and run home.

The boy told deputies that it was a silver, two-door pickup truck and there were two white men inside.

"Both of them older gentlemen," Humphreys said. "The one that tried to grab him had glasses and salt-and-pepper hair and was wearing a long sleeve shirt yesterday. The other man had a ball cap on and a brown chin-strap style beard."

Goebel said his son usually walks home with several kids, but Tuesday he was the only one on the bus. He wants other parents to be aware.

Humphreys said incidents such as this still happens and people should report any information if they saw the truck.

"Just because you have to watch out for new dangers, doesn't mean you don't have to watch out for old dangers," Humphreys said.

Many neighbors said they were shocked to hear that this would happen on a street that otherwise is known to be quiet. Many of them say they plan to keep their eyes open.

St. Albans police are also working an attempted child abduction case similar to the one in Cross Lanes. Last week, a man tried to lure a least one child into a vehicle from a baseball field, according to police. It's unknown if it's related to the Cross Lanes investigation. St. Albans police said they are working with the sheriff's office and Kanawha Bureau of Investigation.

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