Community shocked after an act of racism in South Portsmouth

Community members say they are shocked after an act of racism in South Portsmouth, Ky. (Gary Singh/Pitt Stop Owner)

Gary Singh, owner of the South Portsmouth Pitt Stop convenience store, was stunned by what he saw when he went to work early Thursday morning.

"I don't know why somebody did that," Singh said. "Maybe some kids did that."

Racist graffiti covered the entrance of the store disgusting employees.

"I was shocked," employee Brooke Peacock said. "It really upset Gary. He's a really good guy."

Employee Tasha Cook said she knows there are still racist people, but she didn't expect what happened.

"This guy is really nice," Cook said. "I don't know why anyone around here would do that because everyone loves him."

A swastika and hate words were spattered across the building. The messages included references to white power and obscenities. One of Singh's employees said seeing the hateful words and images made her uncomfortable to go to work.

"I'm mixed, I don't think white power.. I think everyone is there same, I look at everyone as the same," Cook said.

Surveillance video shows a man dressed in dark clothing wearing a mask, weaving between the gas pumps. Singh said this has always been a good community.

Community members joined together to scrub away the profanity.

"I was just really shocked, and I told him I'd help him clean it off. We had the police come and nice people came and helped him cleaned the building," Peacock said.

Employees are now hoping whoever did it gets caught soon.

"I just think its terrible and whoever did it, shame on you," Cook said.

Kentucky State Police are investigating this incident.

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