Charleston postal worker honored after saving injured woman

    Holly Allen, right, receives recognition for his act of kindness during his postal route in Charleston. (WCHS/WVAH)<p>{/p}

    Holly Allen knew something wasn’t right when he hadn’t seen one of his regular customers on his Charleston postal route in awhile. By taking notice and reacting with concern, he potentially saved her life.

    Allen found an elderly customer on her kitchen floor injured on a recent work day. Natural gas from her stove was spreading throughout her house and she couldn’t get up.

    His goodwill didn’t go unnoticed.

    Allen was recognized with other heroic postal workers in Washington, D.C., recently for his act of bravery and goodwill on the job. He received the 2017 Special Carrier Alert Award from the National Association of Letter Carriers.

    “We sometimes forget as our parents get older, we need to have some way to check on them, and us mailmen tend to do that sometimes,” Allen said.

    A postal worker from Dayton, Ohio, also won an award for saving a baby girl from a car that had flipped on its roof.

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