Charleston police looking for owners of stolen jewelry

Charleston police want anyone who may recognize these pieces of jewelry to call them so they can be returned to their rightful owner. (Charleston Police Department)

Charleston police are connecting the dots in a string of home invasion-style burglaries they believe are at the hands of the same person.

Joseph Hardwick was arrested last week on grand larceny and burglary charges. He's currently in jail but police are calling on the public to help get a slew of stolen jewelry back to its rightful owners.

Police say the stolen items are connected to Hardwick and were recovered from several different pawn shops. They don't know who they belong to, so police want anyone who may recognize the jewelry to call them.

There were also several guns recovered, but police know who owns those and are in the process of getting them returned.

Hardwick told police he had been scouting neighborhoods looking for houses he thought would be successful for him.

Police say Hardwick admitted he broke into homes to fuel his drug addiction. They are hoping to charge him with other home invasions once they find the owners of the stolen jewelry.

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