How West Virginians plan to use their water settlement checks

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    Your water settlement check is expected to be in the mail next week, and many people already have plans for their household settlement of $482.74.

    "Some of them are going to save the money, and some are going to catch up on bills, but I've waited too long for this, so I am going to spend it on what I want," Christy Benedict of Ashford, W.Va. said.

    Christy said she plans to take her family on a trip to Tennessee.

    "That kind of money can be used for any kind of trip or airfare, it's unlimited," said AAA Charleston manager, Greg Beheler. "If you are looking to extend the summer this is a good way to do it."

    Beheler said there are plenty of deals to be had with that size check of $482.

    "We have some cruises starting at $350 per person, that is a 4-night trip into the Bahamas on a cruise," Beheler said.

    Anetta Everson of Danville of W.Va. said she couldn't wait to get her check, "I am going to put it in the bank, me and my husband is going on a cruise in May of '19, and that's what we're gonna do with the money."

    If you're a football fan, you could likely buy four tickets to a WVU or Marshall game and have enough left over for gas, beer, and food.

    But if you're more practical, there are other options like getting a tune-up.

    "We are approaching winter season, it is always good to get it looked at," Beheler said. "Before you know it snow and ice will be out there, so maybe some tires would be a great investment."

    For $400, you can get all season tires with installation for an average car, and you would have money to spare.

    But let us not forget why people are getting this money, because of a chemical spill that left people without water for days. Everson said the money would never make up for that hassle.

    "You had to have bottled water to do everything, it was bad," Everson said.

    If you want to be prepared the next time a water crisis happens, you could invest in cases of water. In fact, you could get 133 cases with your water settlement check.

    "I'm just glad it's over and hope it never happens again," Everson said.

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