Boone Memorial Hospital grants patient's final wedding day wish

Employees at Boone Memorial Hospital granted Paul Blaire's final wish, putting on a wedding for him and his wife, Sandra Mullins Blaire. (Boone Memorial Hospital)

Employees at Boone Memorial Hospital granted a patient’s last wish by performing a wedding ceremony for him and his wife in his hospital room.

Paul Blaire and his ex-wife, Sandra Mullins Blaire, had been together since they were 18 and it was Paul’s last wish for them to be remarried.

"When Ms. Baire told me they wanted to get married but were running out of time. I told my co-workers and everyone wanted to help. So, we all started working together as a team to make it happen," said Dr. Elizabeth Sweet.

The hospital’s dietary department jumped into action and made a wedding cake, filled wine glasses with punch, and made a special wedding dinner.

The hospital also donated a flower bouquet for the bride and Certified Nursing Assistant Tina Akers made wedding rings from a bracelet she wore to work.

A local preacher was called in to perform the wedding ceremony in the hospital room.

"Paul wanted to get remarried for a long time," Sandra said. "But we just never did. Our kids are grown and time just slipped away. I have actual wedding rings at home but really appreciate the nurses making some for us. I don't look prepared to get married. It all happened so fast but I feel so good we did it. I know Paul is happy."

A release from the hospital said employees line the room to witness the hospital’s first wedding ceremony.

"There was barely a dry eye in the room," Sweet said. "It was an emotional, yet rewarding experience. One we will never forget."

Paul and Sandra were married the first time on July 19, 1972, but divorced 20 years later. They later got back together, but never remarried.

"I see the compassion of our nurses and entire medical team on a daily basis but today was unique. Everyone went above and beyond to make this special for Mr. and Mrs. Baire. I was so proud of each and every person involved," Boone Memorial Hospital Impatient Floor Manager Stuard Haugen said.

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