Your Voice, Your Future: Marty Gearheart, GOP 3rd Congressional District House

GOP U.S. House candidate, Marty Gearheart talks to Eyewitness News about the issues facing the country. (WCHS/WVAH)

Eyewitness News had a chance to speak with state Del. Marty Gearheart, a Republican candidate for the U.S House race in West Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.

Gearheart is one of seven GOP candidates vying for the seat and will face Del. Carol Miller, R-Cabell; Del. Rupie Phillips, R-Logan; Dr. Ayne Amjad of Beckley; Rick Snuffer of Grandview; Conrad Lucas, the former West Virginia Republican Party chairman, of Huntington; and Philip Payton of Milton.

Eyewitness News has invited the other 3rd Congressional District U.S. House of Representatives’ candidates to participate in one-on-one interviews over the next week and a half and will share those interviews online.

Gearheart was asked about where he stands on such issues as the opioid crisis, the West Virginia economy and jobs, welfare and entitlements and gun control, and why he believes he is the best candidate for the job.

Accompanying this story is the video from the interview with Gearheart.

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