Hurricane High School student juggles school and a Hollywood career

Isabella Alexander as Alison on ABC's hit comedy series "Fresh Off The Boat." (Family photo)

Like many high school students, Hurricane's Isabella Alexander has a part-time job. When she is not busy dancing on the sidelines entertaining fans during Redskins football games, attending classes or taking care of homework. she is working.

But unlike just about every other high school student, her job is in Hollywood. Alexander is a recurring guest star on ABC's "Fresh Off The Boat" and her character Alison debuts this season in episode two.

"I think every character has something new going on, which I think is going to give an oomph to the entire season," Alexander said. "Especially Alison, she's got a great twist going on. But I think that the writers have done a really great job of making sure that everything is even and smooth, and it's going to be a really good season."

Living your life as an everyday high school student while still holding down a job more than 2,300 miles away can challenging. This is the third year for Alexander's character on the comedy series. She said while there are difficulties to navigate, it's something she and her family have been able to successfully juggle.

"I just try to keep everything as simple as I can," Alexander said. "You know, time management, that's definitely one of the biggest things. But staying here is keeping me humble and keeping me in reality. Then out there, I have a job. You know, something that I love. And so, balancing it seems hard but it's actually, I'm very grateful that I have that."

Alexander's character Alison appears on the next couple of "Fresh Off The Boat" episodes. Next month she's scheduled to travel back to California to shoot additional scenes for shows later this season.

"There have been a couple of obstacles where I find people may like be for this or what I do but overall, all of my close friends and my family, they treat me the exact same," Alexander said. "And that's like, really important to me because I'm no different, you know."

You can see Alexander make her season four debut on "Fresh Off The Boat" at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 10 on WCHS-TV8.

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