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Kennie Bass (Franklin Hart), Rudi Raynes (Doralee), Elizabeth Cary Brown (Judy) and Rebecca Mullins (Violet) from the 2014 Charleston Light Opera Guild production of "9 to 5: The Musical." (Photo courtesy Craig Cunningham/Charleston Daily Mail)

Hello. I'm Kennie Bass. Thanks for stopping by the page. I'm very glad you're here. This is where you can learn more about local theatre options for you and your family.

There is nothing quite like live theatre. For years, I've enjoyed participating with several area groups both on stage and behind-the-scenes. There is a tremendous amount of talent in our area and you owe it to yourself to enjoy it.

My theatre experience started at Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School.

Over the decades on the stage, on the radio and in movies I've been....

...the grown-up Ralphie, desperately pining for a coveted air rifle.
...a narrator, baker and enchanted cheese grater in a tale as old as time.
...a nostalgic storyteller looking back at his best Christmas ever.
...a London balloon man and bank board of directors member.
...a bigoted and close-minded French Deputy Minister.
...the spiritual leader of Narnia.
...a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigoted 80s boss.
...a once cowardly lion looking for the true meaning of an Oz Christmas. innkeeper and peasant in early 19th century France.
...a 1960s Baltimore toy shop owner.
...a general, aristocrat and peasant in 1940s and 50s Argentina.
...a fearsome and greedy Fire Drake of Middle Earth.
...a frazzled pastor overseeing a chaotic Christmas pageant.
...a sexist and slimy Harvard law professor.
...a warm and caring candy vendor on the streets outside a famous chocolate factory.
...the best friend of the tortured Henry Jekyll.
...a 1980s bass player in a New Jersey wedding band.
...a mobster visiting a small inn during a blizzard.
...the storyteller for a "tale as old as time."
...a Navy lawyer fighting for justice.
...a slobby and sloppy New York sportswriter. early 19th century murderous thug in London.
...a cornpoke country seller of goods.
...the best ticket-seller a circus ever had.
...a 1930s radio broadcaster.
...a 1920s hotel owner and talent agent. angry, prejudiced and hateful 1950s juror.
...a loving and caring 1950s garage owner and father.
...a thoroughly modern mama.
...a dastardly villain.
...a special needs doughnut shop worker who loves his keys.
...a crooked and murderous cop.
...a traveling singer doing a musical version of a Shakespearean play.
...a stage manager for Mr. Ziegfeld during and after The Great War.
...a mobile hospital corpsman during the Korean War.
...a cruise ship cereal salesman.
...a defense attorney for Mother Nature. actor playing the arch-enemy of a British secret agent.
...a 1940s movie and radio star entertaining the troops during WWII.
...a gin-selling speakeasy club owner.
...a cuddly bodyguard for a New York mobster.
...a Kentucky Derby horse owner.
...a 1940s crooner who may be a German spy during WWII.
...a 1970s game show panelist.
...a publicist for a U.S. Senator involved in a deadly scandal.
...a manager for a famed trio of singing sisters.
...a fading movie star playing an aging superhero. eccentric millionaire with a taste for mystery and mayhem.
...a local TV news anchor accused of killing his boss.
...a slimy U.S. Senator who may be hiding a killer secret.
...a mysterious mountain man with a deadly vendetta.
...a ski resort guest targeted for murder.
...a detective trying to solve a brutal murder. old mobster with a gambling habit and eye for younger ladies.
...the brother and bodyguard of a spoiled singer
...a Victorian-era coast guard crew member investigating a strange ship.
...a Victorian-era property solicitor and delivery man.
...a put-upon school principal dealing with a well-meaning but clumsy teacher.
...a harried floorwalker during a demanding Christmas season.
...a 1950s dad determined to have an old-fashioned Christmas.
...a hard-boiled narrator for a deadly holiday tale.
...a 1950s radio announcer.
...a dad whose son isn't very fond of him.
...a stepfather trying to connect with his family while be stalked by a serial killer. angry father who runs afoul of a zombie baby.
...a bounty hunter meeting a grisly end in the woods.
...a TV newscaster interviewing relatives of a serial killer's victims.
...the owner of a professional wrestling company.

I've traveled through time, across the globe and into the realm of fiction and fantasy. I've played and interacted with some of the greatest characters ever created On stage, on the radio, on film..

I wonder who I'll be next?

Acting Credits:

2016-Jean Shepherd-"A Christmas Story: The Musical" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2016-Narrator, Baker, Cheese Grater-"Disney's Beauty and the Beast" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2015-Jean Shepherd-"A Christmas Story: The Musical" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2015-Balloon Man, Board of Directors-"Mary Poppins" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2015-Deputy Dindon-"La Cage Aux Folles" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2014-Aslan-"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" Children's Theatre of Charleston
2014-Franklin Hart-"9 to 5: The Musical" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2013-Lion-"Christmas In The Land Of Oz" Children's Theatre of Charleston
2013-Innkeeper/Ensemble-"Les Miserables" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2013-Wilbur Turnblad-"Hairspray" Huntington Outdoor Theatre
2013-General/Aristocrat/Ensemble-"Evita" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2013-Smaug (Voice)-"The Hobbit-A Musical Adventure" Children's Theatre of Charleston
2012-Reverend Hopkins-"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" Children's Theatre of Charleston
2012 Professor Callahan-"Legally Blonde: The Musical" Huntington Outdoor Theater
2012 The Candy Man -"Willy Wonka, Jr." Children's Theatre of Charleston
2011 John Utterson-"Jekyll & Hyde: The Musical" Arts Resources For The Tri-State
2011 Sammy-"The Wedding Singer" Huntington Outdoor Theater
2011 Horace-"Fellows Inn" Kanawha Players
2011 Narrator-"Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Jr." Children's Theatre of Charleston
2011 Lt. Sam Weinberg-"A Few Good Men" Kanawha Players
2011 Oscar Madison-"The Odd Couple" Kanawha Players
2010 Bill Sikes-"Oliver!" Children's Theatre of Charleston
2010 Available Jones-"L'il Abner" Kanawha Players
2010 Pre-Show Barker-"Barnum" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2010 Radio Commentator-"Annie" Huntington Outdoor Theater
2010 Mr. Kringelein/Phil/Announcer-"Gypsy" Charleston Light Opera Guild
2010 Juror #10-"12 Angry Men" Kanawha Players
2009 Jim Haller-"All Shook Up" Huntington Outdoor Theater
2006 Mama-"Thoroughly Modern Millie" Huntington Outdoor Theater
1988 Montague Leech-"Dark Deeds At Swan's Place" Charleston Sternwheel Regatta Festival
1985 Norman-"The Boys Next Door" Huntington Summer Theater at Marshall University
1985 Sgt. Carlino-"Wait Until Dark" Marshall University Theater
1983 Singer-"Kiss Me, Kate" Marshall University Theater
1982 John/Stage Manager-"Funny Girl" Marshall University Theater
1981 Bill Sikes-"Oliver!" Nitro High School Theater
1979 Army Corpsman-"M*A*S*H" Andrew Jackson Jr. High Theater
1978 Ed "Honeyboy" Brown-"Man Overboard" Andrew Jackson Jr. High Theater
1971-Defense Attorney-"The Case Against Mother Nature" Arthur I. Boreman Elementary School Drama Club

Murder and Merriment Interactive Mystery Troupe

Karl Stavros (Mr. Big Deal)-"Murder at the Bunnytail Mansion"
Bill Hope-"Murder at the USO"
Danny "Lucky" Campisano-"Speakeasy of Murder"
Cuddles Malloy-"Marriage, Mob and Murder"
George Custer-"Post Time for Murder"
Bing Crosley-"Murder at the USO"
Dom Deluisa-"A Murderous Match Game"
Arthur Ford-"The Murdered Mistress"
Ted Sullivan-"Music, Murder and Mayhem"
Craig Jenner-"A Murderous Megacon"
Nicholas Schockley-"The Murderer Who Came To Dinner"
Walter Jennings-"Merry Murder Christmas"
Sen. Joe Jackson-"The Murdered Mistress"
Buck Thompson-"Murder on the Mountain"
Richmond James-"Silent Night, Deadly Night"
Detective Frank Canyon-"Music, Murder and Mayhem," "The Impossible Murder"
Salvatore "Sally" Potatoes-"Marriage, Mob and Murder"
Winthrop the Butler-"The Ghost of Windsor Manor"

HallowEast: Charleston East End Association

2015-Brick Washington-"Main Street Murder Mystery: Clue"

Drake's Nest Entertainment

2014-Mr. Marquand, Coastguard, Mitchell Agent-"Dracula: The Audio Drama"

Apples of Gold Radio Drama

2016-Doctor, Warren Kessinger "The Christmas Caper"
2016-Raconteur "A Christmas Surprise"
2016-Dr. Merrifield "The Christmas Eve Intern"
2016-Robert Ashmore "Letter To Sandy Claws"
2016-Floorwalker-"Many Happy Returns"
2015 Bill-"A Christmas Tree Delight"
2015 Narrator-"A Christmas Police Story"
2015 Narrator-"The Bickersons"

Razor Sharp Studios

2015 Dad-"Steve: Death Collector"
2014 Stepdad-"Pig Girl"
2013 Carl-"The Crawling Dead"
2012 Rick Richards-"Porkchop 3d"
2011 Rick Richards-"Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind"

2005-Kennie Bass-"In The Ringer"

Remember, if you get the chance, get out and enjoy some live, local theater...and always remember...

Enjoy the show!

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