On Stage: Spectacular costumes and sets help create CTOC's majestic "Lion King Jr."

Promotional poster for the Children's Theatre of Charleston production of "Disney's The Lion King, Jr." (Courtesy: CTOC)

It's a story which encompasses the circle of life and the journey of a young cub to the throne.

Although edited for time and some content, all of the most familiar scenes and songs are still a part of the Children's Theatre of Charleston production of "Disney's The Lion King, Jr."

"It's been a big challenge," Adam Bryan (Director) said. "It's a big cast. It's a cast of, we have 67 kids in this cast, all 8th grade and under, yeah, 8th grade and under. So, that was a challenge in and of itself, just getting that many kids organized into something that looks and sounds really good."

After his father Mufasa is betrayed by his evil brother Scar, young Simba must flee for his life from Pride Rock. Although he blames himself for his father's death, Simba must make peace with his past in order to protect the future of his pride and the animals of the savannah.

"It's a very interesting process because, since it's under 9th grade I haven't worked with a lot of kids younger than me," Audrey Atkinson (Rafiki) said. "But, part of being in theatre is you've gotta go outside of what you're comfortable with."

Volunteers have worked hundreds of hours to create elaborate costumes to bring the well-known animated characters to life. Audiences will have no trouble identifying their favorites, including Simba's friends Timon and Pumba and the wise, old Rafiki.

"The creatures and stuff in this, it's just miraculous," Jackson Sorrells (Simba) said. "And you can't even think about the costumes. The costumes are amazing. The Simbas look the same. The Nalas look the same and the animals look realistic. The masks took a lot of hard work to be made."

"I have a great technical staff with me, between costumes and lights and sound and sets and everything else, that all collaborated together to create this great, great show," Bryan said. "I'm really, really proud of this one."

Children's Theatre of Charleston presents ""Disney’s The Lion King, Jr."
Fri Mar 16 at 7pm, Sat Mar 17 at 2pm and 7pm and Sun Mar 18 at 2pm
Charleston Civic Center Little Theater
200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, WV
$13 Adults / $11 Children


Rafiki: Audrey Atkinson
Mufasa : Ben Armstead
Zazu : Soleil Gloss
Sarabi: Fiona Sullivan
Sarafina : Ashely Miller
Young Simba: Ward Watson
Young Nala : Nora Aliff
Scar: Ben Valleau
Banzai : Chantae Williamson
Shenzi : Riley Elliott
Ed : Thomas Ward
Timon : Zene Cooper
Pumbaa: Tayan Cooper
Simba : Jackson Sorrells
Nala : Bailey Pittman

Olivia Casey
Amal Faridi
Emma Hutchinson
Brooklyn Kibermanis
McKenna Kibermanis
Kathryn Lakin
Caroline McLaury
Alexis Miller
Kayla Morris
Alaina Potters
Molly Sullivan
Lynndsae Taylor

Claire Atkinson
Eliza Bell
Arianna Deel
Jackson Earl
Kalli Hinamon
Jillian Oxley
Patrick Runion
Owen Samples
Ava Snyder
Jacob Snyder
Aeson Stuck
Leigh West
Hollie Whitmore
Ryan Williams

Jaxzen Allen
Kylie Anderson
Annabel Canturbury
Isabella Carnemolla
Hayden Carriger
Katlyn Christie
Emma Del Torto
Alex Griffith
Grace Goggins
Kamme Hinamon
Keegan Hutchinson
John James
Alondra Johnson
Leana Kahwash
Ava Katz
Ellie Lepp
Jordan Loew
Elliet Malcomb
Abigail Pauley
Kiarra Perry
Ava Pierson
Jenna Raupp
Olivia Ross
Caprice Singletary
Braylie Smolder
Emma Walters

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