On Stage: DuPont Middle School presents its first-ever musical with "Annie, Jr."

Cast members of Dupont Middle School's production of "Annie, Jr." (Eyewitness News)

In our On Stage segment, we focus the spotlight on DuPont Middle. History is being made as students prepare fo present the school's first-ever live musical.

The cast is in the final days of rehearsal for the story of an orphan who finds a loving father figure and family in the days of the Great Depression.

"Annie, Jr." marks the first time the school has tackled this type of production.

The students have been rehearsing their singing and dancing for months, getting ready for Tuesday's big opening performance. Seeing the story of Annie unfold in a movie actually inspired the star of the show to audition for this production.

"I watched the movie with my little sister and I guess where I watched it so many times I started developing the words and stuff," Jailyn Meadows (Annie) said. "So, I guess when I heard they were going to do an 'Annie' play, I decided to try out."

"We always have a lot of community support for our band and concerts and things like that," David Patrick (Director) said. "So, I think it's really something great for the community to see something like a musical. Even if it's just a junior version, because a lot of people from up in this area might not necessarily go to a musical in Charleston or be involved in a musical in Charleston. So this is kind of a taste of that for them."

The DuPont Middle School production of "Annie, Jr." has performances scheduled for Tuesday, April fourth and Thursday, April 6th at the school's auditorium. Tickets are just five dollars for adults and four dollars for students.

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