On Stage: CTOC's "The Snow Queen" showcases a chilly tale with a warm heart

Promotional poster for the Children's Theatre of Charleston production of "The Snow Queen" (Courtesy CTOC)

As temperatures start to fall and winter approaches, it is the right season for the Children's Theatre of Charleston to debut its latest production. Although "The Snow Queen" is based on a story written more than 170 years ago, its basic premise is still very familiar today. That's because the blockbuster Walt Disney animated film "Frozen" is based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.

"It is very much a children's play," Tim Mace (Director) said. "Although, I think just like any good children's show, parents who come to see it will find some things to enjoy as well. And it's not a Christmas play per se, but it is certainly a tale of the season and the moral of it I think, and the heart of it is still very much in the holiday season."

The Children's Theatre of Charleston production is not a musical, so you won't be hearing "Let It Go" sung from the stage. However, you will see the tale of a cold-hearted ruler who kidnaps children in search of her long-lost son. When the Snow Queen abducts Kai, his younger sister vows to somehow bring him home.

"It's a really good play and it sends a really good message across that like, you might be a little confused sometimes, but you know, even the toughest things you can get over," Lily Goggins (Gerda) said.

As Gerda journeys north, the girl meets several fantastic characters who help guide her path. However the Snow Queen is also busy protecting her realm. She dispatches her henchmen Frostbite, Blue Norther and the Snow Drifts to stop the child from rescuing her brother.

"It's a very funny play in some parts, but then it could be heartwarming," Bailey Pittman (Cawtrina Crow) said. "Because it teaches you that even the worst people at times can become good."

"The Snow Queen" examines the question of whether love is enough to warm the coldest heart.

"I think it has a lot of like, things it can teach kids and adults also," Jackson Sorrells (Kai) said. "There's multiple things it offers for them. It's funny and it's also serious at moments."

The Children's Theatre of Charleston presents "The Snow Queen"
Friday December 8 at 7pm
Saturday December 9 at 2pm and 7pm
Sunday December 10 at 2pm
Charleston Civic Center Little Theater
Charleston, WV
$12 Adults / $10 Children


Grandmother: Matilda Dunlap
Gerda: Lily Goggins
The Snow Queen: Jordyn Marshall
Jan: Lucy Leef
Conjure Woman: Ceds Ranson
Cawtrina: Bailey Pittman
Gladys: Torianna Todd
Aurora Borealis: Lauren Goggins
Kai: Jackson Sorrells
Servant 1: Ben Armstead
Servant #3/Horace: Ryan Williams
Handsome Servant: Patrick Runion
John: John Edward Leef
Prince Erik: Hayden Carriger
Randolph: Spencer Rhinelander
Goblin King: Tim Walker
Scabies the Goblin: Nikolai Linsell
Halitosis the Goblin: Sylvia Pierson
Toe Jam the Goblin: Amelia Montgomery
Scab the Goblin: McKenna Kibermanis
Servant #2: Brooklyn Kibermanis
Daffodil: Sara Zachwieja
Dandelion: Claire Kosky
Tiger Lily: Celia Bell
Weeping Willow: Macie Harris
Snap Dragon: Eliza Bell
Black-Eyed Susan: Amelia Engle
Rose: Shelby Damron
Rhododendron: Emily Kazoon
Blue Norther: Jon Brennan
South Wind: Cassidy Smith
West Wind: Emma Hutchinson
East Wind: Moira Smith
Frostbite: Zene Cooper

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