On Stage: CTOC Presents A New Twist On Cinderella's Tale

Promotional poster for the CTOC production of "Cinderella's Glass Slipper"-Courtesy CTOC

Chances are you know the story of Cinderella. A girl who loses her mother at a young age and is forced to live with a cruel stepmother and her evil daughters.

All of that is still true in the Children's Theatre of Charleston show "Cinderella's Glass Slipper." But with new characters including a brave mouse, a hesitant cat and the magical Pumpkinhead who changes into a beautiful coach, this musical version tells the fable with some delightful twists and turns.

": "This version of 'Cinderella,' it takes the classic Disney 'Cinderella' and it adds some fun music and some little twists," Rachel Couch (Cinderella) said. "'Cinderella' is still her genuine and charming self and she's surrounded by all these crazy people. So, it's pretty close to the classic, it's a family favorite."

The musical features the songs of Bill Francoeur, and include the prologue "Once Upon A Time," the stepsisters' "Ladies Of Fashion" and Cinderella's hopeful "Dream Of Tomorrow."

'I think that because it is something that's so well known it hasn't been very difficult for all of us to really embody our characters," Grace Abdalla (Queen) said. "And of course we have so much fun doing it. So I think it's been very quite easy for all of us to very much adapt and get into our characters."

Directed by CTOC veteran Debbie Haught, accompanied by longtime Music Director Mark Scarpelli, "Cinderella's Glass Slipper" manages to present all of the story beats you expect from the tale without repeating previous versions scene by scene.

"'Cinderella' is a very popular story but each script that is out there has a different take on it," Timmy Walker (Major Domo) said. "So, we have to make it our own. We have to take the characters and analyze them and make them how we think they should be."

Children's Theatre of Charleston presents "Cinderella's Glass Slipper"
Book by Vera Morris, Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Directed by Deborah Haught, Musical Director Mark Scarpelli
Fri-Sat March 24-25 at 7pm
Matinees Sat-Sun March 25-26 at 2pm
Charleston Civic Center Little Theater
One Civic Center Drive, Charleston, WV
$12 Adults, $10 Students
Tickets available at http://www.ctoc.org or the box office


Troubadour I-Ben Armstead
Troubadour II-Jaxzen Allen
Attila the Cat- Caroline Murphy
Stepsister Brunhilda –Meredith Aliff (Featured Dancer)
Stepsister Cleopatra-Olivia Strother
Stepmother- Kathryn Lakin
Mouse – Leana Kahwash

Mouse Chorus
Lily Goggins
Malia Saar
Emma Grace Hutchinson
Alaina Potters
Kayla Morris
Ava Katz
Lillian Forget
Evelyn Forget
Soliel Gloss

Cinderella- Rachel Couch
Apprentice-Emma Del Torto
Mistress Haughty- Caroline McLaury
Major Domo-Timmy Walker
Minor Domo-Ward Watson
Prince-Matthew Ayoob
Fairy Godmother-Cayce Murphy
Pumpkinhead – Patrick Runion
Lady Ursula-Ursula-Abigail Pauley
Lady Eloise-Eloise-Ellie Lepp
Queen – Grace Abdalla

Marriage Prospects
Lady Vine- Ava Pierson (Featured Dancer)
Lady Wisteria- Lilly Wolfe (Featured Dancer)
Lady Lily- Lydia Compston (Featured Dancer)
Lady Rose-Audrey Atkinson (a twin)
Lady Bud- Grace Goggins (a twin)

Duke of Neverland (Uncle of Lady Blossom)-Charlie Taylor
General Nutmeg (Father to Lady Vine) – Spencer Rheinlander (Featured Dancer)
Earl of Nougat (brother of Lady Wisteria) – Noah Lepp (Featured Dancer)
Duchess of Brownberry (mother of Lady Wisteria) – Kaitlyn Harrah
Duke of Brownberry (Uncle of Lady Wisteria) – Forest Armstead
Duke of Padlow (Father of Lady Lily) – Charlie Long
Count Hossenpheffer (Father of the twins Rose/Bud) – Jacob Snyder
Countess Hossenpheffer (Mother of the twins Rose/Bud) – Allison Fletcher
Captain – Jon Brennan (Featured Dancer)
Lieutenant 1 – Ian Pritt (Featured Dancer)
Lieutenant 2 – Ben Valleau
Citizen 1 – Alondra Johnson
Citizen 2- Sydney Garrison
Citizen 3- Amelia Engle

Townfolk Chorus –
Katherine Akers
Samira Ghareeb
Madeline Tenney
Kacie Long
Ali Pauley
Claire Atkinson
Aniamya Durham
Bailey Pittman
Johnna Telisko
Madelyn Greene
Cassidy Smith
Thomas Ward
Tyler McGough
Owen Samples

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