On Stage: "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" is in the spotlight at the Alban Arts Center

Promotional poster for "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" (Courtesy: Alban Arts Center)

One of the best known works by legendary playwright Tennessee Williams, "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" captured the Pulitzer Prize for Drama when it debuted back in 1955.

Now, more than six decades later, the Alban Theater is resurrecting this classic American work for Kanawha Valley audiences.

"He's trying to catch this cloudy, flickering, effervescent, fiercely charged interplay of human beings in a common crisis," Greg Morris (Director) said. "This is a great play. And the more I read it over and over the more respect I have for Tennessee Williams. It's just multiple layered. So much of this play is not what's said by the actors, but what they say underneath of what's in their hearts."

The production features several complex themes, ranging from sexual desire to greed, repression and death.

The southern setting showcases a family in crisis, with the failing health of a powerful patriach and the unquenchable desires of a young woman wanting to marry into money and better her life.

"I kind of describe her as a survivor," Nora Ankrom (Maggie) said. "She's scrappy and she uses whatever tools are in her arsenal to win. And she is determine to win, and she will."

Lies layered upon lies come to the surface as a family must deal with long-simmering secrets which had previously been deeply buried.

"I think this is a masterful piece of theatre," Ankrom said. "It's a piece of literature, really, moreso than any other play I've ever done. And it's about truth. It's about characters being confronted with truth and how each of them deal with that truth. And that's something that people deal with every day."

"I think that when people come to see 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' here at the Alban they're going to see something a little different than they may expect," Morris said. "They're going to see actors involved in that common cloud of crisis which is rarely seen on stage."

The Alban Arts Center presents "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof"
by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Gregory Morris
Alban Arts and Conference Center
Fri-Sat June 2-3 / 9-10 at 8pm
Sunday Matinees: June 4 and 11 at 2pm
Alban Arts and Conference Center
65 Olde Main St, Saint Albans, WV
$15 Adults, $10 Students/Seniors


Nora Ankrom as Maggie
Dylan M. Clark as Brick
Gary Brown as Big Daddy
Janet "JP" Prince as Big Mamma
George Snider as Gooper
Kate Morris as Mae
Abbey Miskowiec as Dr. Baugh
Rob James as the Pastor
Debbie Sutton as the Servant
and the "No Neck Monsters"(Gooper & Mae’s children): Strider Harmon, Alondra Johnson, Cordelia Morris, Kaylee Steele, and Emma Welker

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