West Virginia man headed to Texas with truckload of donations

Mark Boggs says he plans to go to different neighborhoods in Houston and distribute donated items. (WCHS/WVAH)

One man’s Facebook post about helping people affected by Harvey is reaching people beyond his friends' list.

On Tuesday, Mark Boggs, who is from Cross Lanes, headed to Texas with a truckload of supplies.

Boggs is going to see his young kids who live in Houston, but he is not going empty-handed.

He is taking with him a tractor-trailer full of items, including diapers, bleach and dog food.

Boggs said he plans to go around to different neighborhoods hit by Harvey and distribute the goods.

"When I get to Houston and the outlying areas and stuff, I've watched it on TV nonstop because my kids live there, it's probably going to hit me kind of hard to see just the devastation and the complete loss," he said.

Boggs also received money that he said will be used to buy more items for those in need while he is in Texas.

Although the tractor-trailer is hitting the road, it's not too late to make a difference.

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