Tow boat, barges stuck at Racine Locks and Dam in Meigs County, Ohio

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is working to clear a tow boat and barges after they became wedged in the Racine Locks and Dam.

It happened about 6 a.m. Thursday near the Racine Locks and Dam in Meigs County, U.S Army Corps of Engineers spokesman Chuck Minsker said. The M/V Austin C. Settoon out of Louisiana was pushing three barges when one broke loose, Minsker said. The loose barge ended up in the lock chamber and the two remaining barges and the boat were pushed up against the dam.

No one was injured, and there has been no noticeable damage to the dam. The vessel was hauling heating oil, and there were no leaks. Crews have to wait for the river level to recede to remove them which will take another day. The incident remains under investigation.

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