Putnam Sheriff's Department sergeant honored for making most DUI arrests

The Putnam County Sheriff's Department says Sgt. Shane Shamblin of the department was awarded Tuesday with the 2016 Deputy Larry "Eddie" Miller Award. (WCHS/WVAH File Photo)

Motorists in Putnam County who decide to drive drunk have a good chance of seeing the blue flashing lights on the cruiser of Sgt. Shane Shamblin in their rear-view mirror.

On Tuesday at the Putnam County Commission meeting, Shamblin was awarded the 2016 Deputy Larry “Eddie” Miller Award in honor of Miller, who was killed by an intoxicated driver on Dec. 5., 2006, according to a post on the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department’s Facebook page.

The award is given to a law enforcement officer with the most drunken driving arrests for the year. Shamblin also was the winner last year during the inaugural year for the honor. Below is last year's story:

"You don't know the life you are saving, even the drunk driver. You don't know if you are saving a life. They don't realize that. You can't see the future, but you know the results if you don't stop them," Shamblin told Eyewitness News in an interview when he won last year’s award.

To put in perspective on how much Shamblin takes getting drunken drivers off the road, consider that the sheriff’s department had 80 DUI arrests in 2016. Shamblin was responsible for 29 of those, the most of any law enforcement officer in the county.

“It would be nice if this award did not exist, and there were actually zero in the county and the state, but until then, the sheriff’s department will have this annual award,” the sheriff’s department said in a news release.

Shamblin also issued nine misdemeanor citations and 411 warning citations. He is a certified drug recognition expert through the state and instructs new officers at the State Police Academy.

Two other officers also were recognized at the commission meeting - Patrolman Chris Hastings of the Nitro Police Department, who made 27 DUI arrests, and Cpl. R.A. Phillips of the West Virginia State Police, who made 23 DUI arrests.

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