Police say seven arrested in fraudulent credit card, ID scam in Charleston

Seven people are behind bars accused of trying to purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of items with fake credit cards. (MGN Online) 

Seven people are behind bars accused of trying to purchase hundreds of dollars’ worth of items with fake credit cards.

South Charleston police got a tip from Kohl's loss prevention officers that several men had opened credit accounts using stolen identities, according to a criminal complaint filed in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

Police got a description of the two vehicles and followed them to a Holiday Inn in South Charleston where the suspects tried to rent two rooms with stolen information, but their card was declined, according to the complaint.

After the suspects left the hotel, police followed them and stopped them at the Sears Auto Shop to perform field interviews.

When police stopped the vehicles, one of the suspects jumped out and ran inside the Charleston Town Center and was not found. The complaint said they also found another suspect asleep in one of the vehicles.

The complaint said when police approached the vehicle, they could smell marijuana and found a card reader/writer in a door pocket. According to the complaint, these devices are used to re-encode credit cards with stolen credit card information and to obtain card numbers.

The complaint said a laptop computer, printer and a stack of blank checks were found in one of the vehicles.

After conducting field interviews and searching the vehicles, police arrested seven people.

Abraham Dousuah was arrested after police said he was found in possession of a fake ID. The complaint said he was the one who tried to rent the hotel room and that he had credit cards that contained information that had been re-encoded.

Frederick Clark was arrested after providing an ID that had the same information as the stolen ID that Dousuah provided, the complaint said.

Sei Curtis Bubadin, who was the suspect asleep in one of the vehicles, was arrested after he could not provide police with any identification. The complaint said while police were patting him down they found multiple credit cards in his pocket that had stolen information on them.

William Cattrell Shorter was arrested after the complaint said he had used stolen information to apply for a Kohl’s credit card. The complaint said Shorter had tried to purchase more than $1,000 in merchandise, but his fraudulent card was declined.

Korderius Lamonte Worley was arrested after he was found with a fraudulent card, the complaint said.

Jacoby Darnell Berry and Fabio Wolfe were in the vehicles with the other suspects and were arrested.

The complaint said Bubadin told police they had been arrested a week ago in Virginia, but were able to make bond.

All seven are being charged with conspiracy to steal identity and are being held on $25,000 bond.

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