Football players from different schools become friends because of a lost watch

This is a story you really have to see to believe. Two football players from different schools, Cole Mitchell, left, and Stephen Perrine, right, end up becoming friends because of a lost watch. (Misty Mitchell)

Two football players from different schools ended up becoming friends because of a lost watch.

Cole Mitchell, 14, loves to free dive in the Greenbrier River. He said you can find all kinds of items, but he never thought he would find an Apple Watch that still works, and he really never though he'd find the owner at his high school football game.

Mitchell has plenty of hobbies, such as playing football at George Washington High School and free diving in the Greenbrier River with his brother, Ty.

“You never know what you're going to find,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said they have found a tool set, fishing lures, an iPhone7 and on Fourth of July weekend, he even found an Apple Watch.

"Within the first five minutes of being in the water, I found the watch. It was under a pile of gravel underneath the water,” Mitchell said.

It’s like finding a needle in a haystack, and reaching the owner would be even more difficult.

Mitchell ended up being able to charge the watch after giving a presentation to his class about his hobbies, free diving being one of them. His teacher had an Apple Watch charger and they were able to find a name on the watch, Stephen Perrine.

He never thought he would find the owner, and really never thought he would find him on the football field at his game against Huntington High School.

Mitchell heard "Stephen Perrine" over the speakers and while they were shaking hands at the end of the game, asked the player if he lost an Apple Watch.

"I thought it was insane," Perrine said. "I didn't believe him at first. I thought he was just messing with me. I didn't know what to think.”

In early June, Perrine said he was canoeing with a friend on the Greenbrier River, in an area known as Lindsey's Slide, when the canoe flipped.

"I was reaching for the rocks and stuff to hold onto so I didn't drown. I guess the watch unclipped and fell in the water and I lost it,” Perrine said.

Perrine said the watch was the only gift he got for Christmas so it was upsetting to lose.

"It was not a good feeling. It was like all I wanted for Christmas last Christmas,” he said.

With Friday night lights shining, it was a shocking moment for both.

"I’m religious. I felt like God intended that to be because there's so many little things that could have went wrong and that not have happened,” Mitchell said.

It is a lesson learned, and one they hope others will follow.

"Honesty, and if you find something that's not yours just try to do your best to return it to the rightful owner,” Perrine said.

Mitchell said it makes you feel better "whenever you know you accomplished something like that and I just feel like everyone should focus on doing the right thing.”

Not only did Mitchell find treasure at the bottom of the river, he found a new friend, too.

The two plan to fish together on the Greenbrier River in the future.

Mitchell also plans to continue free diving in different areas to see what he can find, and hopefully find the owners of what he finds.

Perrine's mom posted the story and a picture of the teens together on Facebook. It's been seen and liked by thousands of people already.

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