Deputies investigate string of car break-ins along Charleston street


Kanawha County Deputies are looking into a number of car break-ins along Mullins Lane in North Charleston.

A woman who preferred to stay anonymous said these break-ins are threatening her security. Locking her car is second nature, but Saturday night she didn't, and Sunday morning her laptop and charger were gone.

"We were asleep inside and there are people out here stealing from us, and we don't even know. It's scary,” the woman said.

Deputies said this woman wasn't the only victim. Five other cars were ransacked as well. A neighbor's security footage shows two men rummaging through cars on along Mullins Lane.

"I would advise people not to leave anything in your cars that mean anything at all to them. Even if you lock your car... If someone cares enough to take it, they could break in, so maybe don’t leave a bag in your car that would lead someone to think that they could find something in it worth value,” The woman said.

To prevent this from happening, deputies said to always double check that the doors are locked, remove or hide anything of value, keep a copy of the serial number for all devices, and when you find that your car has been stolen from, call police and don't touch anything in case any finger prints were left behind.

The woman said while her laptop can be replaced, the years of school work and notes can't be.

"I mean there are tons of papers that I have written, and all my notes are there, so if it's gone. They're all gone for the past three years, so I think it's more of value to me than I think it would be to anybody else,” the woman said.

The biggest lost she said is her sense of security.

"I don't think I’ll feel as safe here anymore,” The woman said.

Deputies are continuing to investigate. If you know any information that could help, call the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office.

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