Deer removed from Walmart in Pike County, Ky

Two fish and wildlife officers work to remove a doe from Walmart in Pikeville, Ky., Sunday night after the animal wanders into the store. (Local wrestler Andy Newsome)

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers removed a deer that made its way into a Walmart in Pike County.

The incident happened about 8 p.m. Sunday at the Walmart in Pikeville. Two fish and wildlife officers were able to remove the doe and return it to the wild unharmed. Officials aren't sure how the deer managed to get into the store, but they are glad the animal didn't struggle during its removal.

Officials said this time of the year is unusual to see animals wander into public areas as they typically see this behavior during mating season in the fall.

Walmart officials released the following statement in connection to the incident:

A bizarre brush with Mother Nature could not have ended better. We’re thankful the deer that found its way into our store wasn’t injured, and we want to thank the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the customers who were able to calm the animal and remove her without any problems.

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