On Stage: CTOC travels back in time to present "A Ghost Tale For Mr. Dickens"

Children's Theatre of Charleston presents "A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens" (Courtesy: CTOC)

Imagine a magic tree house which can take you anywhere in time.

That's the starting point for the Children's Theatre of Charleston holiday musical, "Magic Tree House: A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens."

Adapted from the best selling book series by Mary Pope Osborne, the story centers on two youngsters named Jack and Annie.

They journey to Victorian London where they learn the importance of charity and kindness while helping legendary author Charles Dickens rediscover is love of writing.

"He just doesn't feel like he's doing enough good in the world," Jaxen Allen (Jack) said. "And he just doesn't feel like he's doing enough. So, he wants to quit writing. So we have to go back in time to figure out what his problem is and make him want to keep writing."

"She likes to throw herself into things and she's not afraid to try something new," Jenna Raupp (Annie) said. "And she always tries to get the job done."

Faced with the hardships of the poor, Jack and Annie get into trouble. Dickens comes to the rescue and in the process overcomes his case of writer's block to create one of the greatest books in history.

"Charles Dickens, he is a very complex character," Timothy Walker (Charles Dickens) said. "One thing that I find really interesting about him is that he would take his real life experiences and incorporate those into his writing. And I think this show really represents, it really shows that."

"Having the opportunity to direct something where it's sort of a 'what if' with history," Ariana Kincaid (Director) said. "Something like, what if 'A Christmas Carol' had never been written? So many people have drawn inspiration from that for their own lives to make things right with others. So, it's just sort of an interesting take on how things might be different in the world if something had not happened."

The Children's Theatre of Charleston presents "Magic Tree House: A Ghost Tale for Mr. Dickens, Jr."
by Jenny Laird, Lyrics by Randy Courts and Will Osbourne, Music by Randy Courts from the book by Mary Pope Osborne
Directed by Ariana Kincaid, Assistant Director Liz Swick, Musical Director Jeff Haught
Fri-Sat Dec 9-10 at 7pm and matinees Sat-Sun Dec 10-11 at 2pm
Charleston Civic Center Little Theatre
200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston WV
$12 Adults / $10 Students
Tickets are available online now at and will also be available at the door one hour before performance time


Morgan Le Fay-Jordyn Marshall
Merlin-Noah Lepp
Caroler 1-Madeline Tenney
Caroler 2-Holly Belmont
Caroler 3-Leana Kahwash
Young Caroler-Lillian Forget
Jack-Jaxzen Allen
Annie-Jenna Raupp
Carriage Driver-Forest Armstead
Street Person-Erick Miller
Olive-Lucy Leef
Emma-Matilda Dunlap
Mrs. Tibbs-Tori Todd
Colin-John Edward Leef
Harry-Ellie Lepp
Mr. Dickens-Timmy Walker
Pickwick-Parker Hudson
Oliver Twist-Lily Goggins
Nickleby-Hayden Carriger
Jacob Marley-Ian Pritt
Dressmaker-Danielle Smithson
Butcher-Jacob Snyder
Baker-Bodie Allen
Cabbie-Aiden Campbell
Policeman-Ben Armstead
Mr. Pinch-Jon Brennan
Mrs. Pinch-Ava Pierson
Francois the Chef- Hayden Carriger
Waitstaff 1-Annabel Canterbury
Waitstaff 2-Arianna Deel
Tiny Tim-Kirklen Hinamon
Roberta-Kamme Hinamon
Orphan 1-Ava Katz
White Ghost-Julia Carriger
Green Ghost-Grace Abdalla
Black Ghost-Chloe Castillo
Young Dickens-Ward Watson
Mrs. Dickens-Isabella Carnemolla
Miss Twigby-Zoe Dorst
Sara-Kalli Hinamon
Bookseller-Jacob Walker
Henrietta-Alexis Miller
Barber-Ethan Hodge
Queen Victoria-Lauren Gillespie
Lady-in-Waiting-Claire Kosky
Mary Dickens-Lauren Taylor
Newsie 1-Karma Good
Hawker 1-Alaina Potter
Bootblack-Jarrett Jones
Restaurant Patrons:
1-Sydney Loew
2-Jordan Loew
3-Alexa Bostic
4-Riley Elliott
Restaurant Workers:
Kelsey Rorrer
Sophia Pratt
Dishwasher-Arianna Deel
Waitress-Lydia Compston
Celia Bell
Eliza Bell
Kessa Hinamon
Mikaylah Miller
Patrick Runion
Girl 1-Nola Todd
Girl 2-Emma Walters
Girl 3-McKenna Cherry
Girl 4-Isabell Melton
Girl 5-Lauren Goggins

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